Don't have a knock sensor? You can grab any sensor. The Bosch wideband is the most flexible. Most OEM sensors are tuned specific to the engine it was designed for.

Infiniti G20 SR20DET

My Dodge Colt AWD before

full forged rebuild. 

IDRC 2008 Semi-Finals

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One of my AWD conversions

Honda Civic EF B16

Insane Import Performance

Toyota Tercel 4AGZE SC

1987 Mitsubishi Mirage 4G63T

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Bringing new school technology to old school rides. Specializing in retro fuel injection installs and engine swaps. With 25 years experience as a mechanic and 20 years in the auto refinishing industry. 

1981 Datsun 210 SR20DET GT35R 

At JCCS 2016 Long Beach

Mitsubishi Mirage C53 4G63T 60-1 T4

Mitsubishi Mirage 4G61T.

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