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Above are the drivers for the USB converter on the older units and for LKM2. On windows 8 and above you have to remove the driver windows installs by going into the device manager. Once you have done that you would add the driver by updating it and browsing the location of this downloaded file. Be sure extract the files before installing. Be sure to leave the USB converter plugged in to install the driver.

On newer boards that have the on board usb you need the driver for a cp210x. This is a Silicon Labs USB chip. Most of the time windows automatically will install the driver but if not you can search for it as the driver changes from time to time. But is available and installs with no extra steps.

Firmware depends on microchip type.Only LKM1 with Atmega328PB can use integration and has automatic time setting update. All others, you choose the time setting and int toggle doesn't matter. All firmware posted has changeable led display eg. original,bar,or single led. Also a sample length setting with a max setting of 20 milliseconds 

Firmware only updatable via ISP. Can use an Arduino or Arduino clone with AVRdude. You will need to install WinAVR and AVRdude(google search) to use avrdude to program Atmel Atmega chip. When you download the firmware, you must rename the file and add .zip to change it into a zip file to extract.

Here is a simple GUI to program the board with different knock sensor settings. NEW Gui toggles integration for ECUs that have an integration output. The line graph is alot faster. Also adjust the sample time if not using integration. The version 1.2 works with older boards and firmware. Version 1.3 is for firmware shipped after 5-20-2017 
AFTER DOWNLOAD OPEN File location and rename file .Then Extract all files.
For some reason the web server host renames the file some long alphanumeric name without the zip file extension. Just rename it.